Friday, March 6, 2009

P.S. I Love You

Dear Baby,

The doctor has scheduled me to be induced on Tuesday. I cannot believe in just four short days I will be heading to the hospital. Right now I am so excited to meet you. I'm sure that morning I will have so many mixed emotions-excited, anxious, nervous, scared. I'm still in shock when I think back to the beginning of our journey together. I thought I had mono, it just seemed so reasonable being Olivia had it and we were experiencing the same symptoms. But when Olivia was better and my symptoms were still there, I realized something else was going on. That was when I discovered you.

You had me very scared in the beginning. I tried not to get too excited-not because I didn't want you but because I was afraid of losing you. Mommy had a run of bad luck before you came so I was a little on edge about how to feel about you. When that 12th week arrived and you were still going strong, I began to finally smile and get excited. And when I saw your little face at that 20 week ultrasound, I knew you were going to be fine! For the first time I allowed myself to truly believe nothing bad was going to happen this time. You are my little miracle!

I'm now realizing I'm feeling your last kicks, last hiccups, last movements inside. Its bittersweet--I will miss those feelings, yet I am so excited to finally hold you in my arms, hear your cry, see your face, and to watch you grow. You have two sisters who are very anxious to meet you. Although they hope you are a boy, I know that they will love you just the same if you are a little girl. Daddy just wants you to come out so that he can finally meet the new member of our family and be a more active part of your life. We are ready for you! Everything you will need is waiting to be used, and I find myself staring into the bassinet with a smile on my face-just waiting with anticipation to see you laying inside.

So until that time comes, I would just like to send out my last requests. If you can make this a smooth and quick delivery, you will make your mommy so happy! Well, I will be happy no matter what when you arrive, but it sure would be a nice bonus. Also, your sisters were very good sleepers from day one. If you could please follow in their footsteps and stay away from that dreaded 'colic' that I had as a baby, that would be greatly appreciated. With daddy working two full-time jobs, he won't be able to assist as much with the nightly feedings/diaper changes. So you and I need to cooperate with each other and then things will be just fine! And with that, all I have left to say is that I can't wait to meet you on tuesday and you are more than welcome to make an early arrival this weekend if you choose to do so.




Theresa Cooley said...

That was so beautiful! Thanks for posting it on your blog to share with everyone. You're baby will love reading it when he/she is older too! Make sure you put it in the baby book. :) We are so excited for you!

Heidi said...

That was fun to read!
I love the last paragraph!
I hope it is smooth and quick for your sack too!!
Good luck on Tuesday! We are so excited to hear about Tuesday!!

p.s. here is my cell number if you'd like to send me a text and picture the day baby arrives!!

JJDaisy said...

Congratulations! That was so beautiful! You and Maury are so lucky! I hope all goes well today! Please let me know how it all went and send a pic of that beatiful bundle when you have time. I know you'll br busy! Happy birthday baby! Love ya, hun.

C. Beth said...

What a sweet letter! I saw your answer on the "Vent" prompt on The One-Minute Writer, and I wanted to see if you'd updated with a birth announcement yet. :) I'm assuming you've had the baby and hope everything went wonderfully.

Beth (The One-Minute Writer)

Faith said...

What a wonderful letter. So touching. Three little girls (I cheated and read a more recent post). What a blessing.