Saturday, March 14, 2009

Amelia is here!

I thought I would share some details of the big day. I was supposed to go in and be induced at 7:30am on Tuesday morning, but they were full so I didn't get to go in till 12:30 in the afternoon. At least it was the same day and not too late.

There was a med student that was going to be assisting with the delivery, who was actually my doctor's daughter so that was kind of neat. She checked me right away when I got there and said that I was dilated to 5. I was so excited to be that far, and a bit in shock since I was only at a 1 the week before. So they called the doc to come break my water. When she got there she checked me and informed me that the outside of my cervix was dilated to 5, but the inside was only at a 1. It funneled in and she was unable to break my water until the inside dilated more. So they put a pill in that was to help me dilate and then we walked the hallways for hours. At 9:00pm she broke my water and again we walked for hours. I was having contractions at this point, but they didn't get too terrible until about midnight.

At around 1:00am the anesthesiologist was coming to the floor for another lady, so they talked me into getting mine down right away as well. I was worried that it was too early yet and that it would slow things down. I was only at a 3 at this time. It took the guy 3 times to get it in right and then there was no more walking because I couldn't lift my legs. But I was able to relax from the contractions so Marei and I both slept finally. I was woke up on and off throughout the night, but I was kind of out of it so I don't remember too much about what they were all doing to me. At 5:30 they checked me and I was at 4. They checked me again at 6:30 and I was still at 4, but they said my cervix was completely thinned and that things should start to pick up now. I didn't believe them. It seemed like I had been there forever and just wasn't dilating fast enough. I was starting to worry about needing a c-section because I had my water broke for so long with nothing progressing. But when my doctor came in right before 8:00am she checked me and I was at 10 and ready to push. I couldn't believe it. I went from 4 to 10 in about an hour. So they brought in all the stuff they needed, and before I knew it they were telling me to push. After just a few pushes I was looking at a beautiful baby girl. She was in no hurry to come in the beginning, but when she decided it was time she meant it. We spent a couple hours with her before they took her to the nursery for her tests and so on. Then we tried to catch up on some sleep before we started to get guests that afternoon.

Olivia and Vanessa sure do love their sister. We were discharged at 2:45pm on Thursday and they haven't stopped competing for the chance to hold her or feed her since. So far Amelia is a wonderful baby. She cries only when she wants a bottle, otherwise she sleeps or just looks around at everything and everyone with these big eyes full of wonder. We couldn't be happier, or feel more blessed! God has been good to us and we are so thankful for our new baby girl!


Alycia said...

She is so sweet!! I'm glad everything was able to go well. Congratulations! Welcome to the family Amelia:)

Heidi said...

She is a beautiful newborn! It'll be fun to see her grow!
I also like that name you picked... is it a name you both liked or a family name??

Michelle said...

Just a name we both liked and agreed on. It was between that and Ella, and Amelia just seemed to fit.

Theresa Cooley said...

Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing!

I was wondering about the time :)

I'm glad to hear that everything went so well! Amelia is such a beautiful name! She IS so beautiful!!!

Serena said...

I love your blog posts, they just make me feel happy and good inside, especially this one. Your daughters are all so beautiful and i want to hang out with all of you someday soon.

rae said...

Congrats on a beautiful baby girl!

Found your blog through One Minute Writer.