Friday, April 3, 2009

Good Ole' Mother Nature

I think a large majority of us North Dakotans have thrown our arms into the air and shouted "Why God? We've had enough now. It's time to give us a break!"

The past few weeks of thunderstorms and hail, next day blizzard, and the following day flooding....repeat cycle---well, its a trying time for us all. But there is something I've noticed through all of this. While people are being evacuated from their flooded homes, while the city I live in is closed due to either water levels too high, or so much snow no one can drive safely anywhere, the people in this state are handling things so much differently than, well-other states.

You will not see people on the news shouting that this is the Presidents fault, or the governments fault. You will not see looting. You will not see people crying and screaming and DEMANDING someone come and rescue them and hold their hand through the next few months.

We have all come together as one and are working day and night to fight the flood, to clean the streets, to do what is necessary to get our lives back to normal. You will actually see people smiling and laughing as they fill those sandbags and pass them on down the line of people who are building these dikes. What else can you do really. Putting blame on everything and everyone else is not going to accomplish anything. This is weather. S#*! Happens! As awful as it is, we suck it up and deal with it. I have never witnessed such a thing as this-a whole state working together instead of waiting for someone else to do it for them.

I love being a North Dakotan. We are strong, and proud, and we will survive this.